Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Add a little "Twist" to your day!

Recently, I have received loads of compliments on my twists and twist outs. I was asked by one of my followers if I twist wet or dry. So I've decided to post about my preferences in two strand twisting and why.
To me, there are 3 basic ways to twist, and I have done them all. Dry twists: Twisting hair while dry with no product(I wouldn't recommend this).
Dry twist w/product- Twisting while hair is dry; but using a pomade or a cream for smoothing.(My favorite).
Wet twist- Twisting while hair is damp or wet(still using a product for smoothing)
I stretch my hair prior to dry twisting. How do I stretch? When I shampoo my hair, I put it in big braids to let it dry. In fact, that is my #1 rule for my hair. I NEVER LET MY HAIR DRY WITHOUT BRAIDING IT FIRST!!! If I don't, then it's very hard to de-tangle!!! So again; after cleansing my hair( either co-washing or pooing) I oil my hair and braid it to dry. Once my hair is dry, I take it down and brush it(but gently: please don't "yank" at your hair). Doing the braids to dry my hair is how I stretch it.
Now don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE shrinkage! I have no problem with my 'fro shrinking, but my twists seem to come out better when I stretch. Some do a banding process to stretch.
Products- Again, this depends on YOU!!! I don't like to twist with gels, because when it's time for a twist out, you get left with all these flakes that look like dandruff. However; if you mix your gels with some oil (olive, coconut, Castor) you see less flakes. I use Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter to do my dry twists. Its a heavy cream; but does not leave the hair feeling greasy.
Take your time doing your twists!! I set aside time to really take time twisting. My twist look better, I have less tangles, and twist outs are better. I like to gather all of my products and hair tools, put on a good movie, and twist away!!!
I keep my twist in for about 1-2 weeks. Do I wash with my twists in? NO! Some people do, and say that its easier for them. I don't like to, because my twist come out during the wash anyway, so why not take them down! :)
Make sure to sleep with a scarf( silk) or a Bonnet(also silk). Why silk? Cotton snags the hair! I prefer a Bonnet! The scarves squish my twists(I am not a light sleeper) A bonnet does not!
I hope this post has been informative to all!! Leave me a comment and by all means: RATE!

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  1. Great tutorial! You take such wonderful care of your hair! I love it!