Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the Hell was I thinking????

What is up Natural Family!!!! It has been almost a year since I last posted and I must say; I have loads to talk about! First, I HAD A BABY! Yes, after 18 years AppleBlossom was blessed with another baby boy! He is the light of my life and I feel like he was always supposed to be here. (If that makes any sense). Secondly......I feel off the wagon ladies!! Right in the middle of my pregnancy, I put a perm back in my hair! (OH NO) What the hell was I thinking??? Damn! After all of the time I put into making my natural hair healthy; I went a killed it! Not only did I kill it, I had some micro-braids put in, and it really brought my hair out!

So what did I do? I did another Big Chop! (This is the 3rd time). You know what they say ladies; The 3rd time is a charm. So, here I go again, on a NATURAL HIGH!! This time, I will do it bigger, and better! Look for more posts ladies. Better posts. BIGGER POSTS!!! IM READYYYYY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Add a little "Twist" to your day!

Recently, I have received loads of compliments on my twists and twist outs. I was asked by one of my followers if I twist wet or dry. So I've decided to post about my preferences in two strand twisting and why.
To me, there are 3 basic ways to twist, and I have done them all. Dry twists: Twisting hair while dry with no product(I wouldn't recommend this).
Dry twist w/product- Twisting while hair is dry; but using a pomade or a cream for smoothing.(My favorite).
Wet twist- Twisting while hair is damp or wet(still using a product for smoothing)
I stretch my hair prior to dry twisting. How do I stretch? When I shampoo my hair, I put it in big braids to let it dry. In fact, that is my #1 rule for my hair. I NEVER LET MY HAIR DRY WITHOUT BRAIDING IT FIRST!!! If I don't, then it's very hard to de-tangle!!! So again; after cleansing my hair( either co-washing or pooing) I oil my hair and braid it to dry. Once my hair is dry, I take it down and brush it(but gently: please don't "yank" at your hair). Doing the braids to dry my hair is how I stretch it.
Now don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE shrinkage! I have no problem with my 'fro shrinking, but my twists seem to come out better when I stretch. Some do a banding process to stretch.
Products- Again, this depends on YOU!!! I don't like to twist with gels, because when it's time for a twist out, you get left with all these flakes that look like dandruff. However; if you mix your gels with some oil (olive, coconut, Castor) you see less flakes. I use Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter to do my dry twists. Its a heavy cream; but does not leave the hair feeling greasy.
Take your time doing your twists!! I set aside time to really take time twisting. My twist look better, I have less tangles, and twist outs are better. I like to gather all of my products and hair tools, put on a good movie, and twist away!!!
I keep my twist in for about 1-2 weeks. Do I wash with my twists in? NO! Some people do, and say that its easier for them. I don't like to, because my twist come out during the wash anyway, so why not take them down! :)
Make sure to sleep with a scarf( silk) or a Bonnet(also silk). Why silk? Cotton snags the hair! I prefer a Bonnet! The scarves squish my twists(I am not a light sleeper) A bonnet does not!
I hope this post has been informative to all!! Leave me a comment and by all means: RATE!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shea Butter SouffleINGREDIENTS

4 oz. Unrefined Shea Butter

2 oz. Coconut Oil (Instead of coconut oil I used Babassu Oil Butter)

1 Tbs. Castor Oil

2 Tbs. Jojoba Oil

1 Tbs.Vegetable Glycerin

1/2 tsp. Vitamin E oil (Natural Preservative) (otional)

1 tsp. Starch (to reduce the oily feel) (optional)

Essential oil For Fragrance (optional)

You don't have to use all the oils that I have listed. Especially if your hair does not like oils. You can leave out some of the oil if you wish, or substitute them for other oils. I selected these oils for their different properties. However, it's not necessary. Just work with what you have.

Melt Shea Butter over low heat in a stainless steel vessel (or in the microwave. Do Not Let it Boil). Once liquid, remove from heat and stir in fixed oils. Cool in freezer (approx. 5-10 min) until white "crust" begins to form along sides of vessel (from fats hardening) and the butter become semi-opaque. Remove from freezer and begin beating with an electric mixer, preferably one that is outfitted with whisks. Once the mix becomes aerated and fluffy, drizzle in the glycerin while mixing on low speed.

Once all the glycerin is in, whip again. Feel the consistency and decide if you want this product to have a less greasy feel. If you do, add in the starch by sprinkling atop the butter mix, and whip again til all is incorporated. This product will NOT become hard. It should remain fluid and creamy if mixed properly. Spoon into sterile jars

For my Sistahs that still Perm, this mixture is an ASH busting miracle!!! Great for those elbows and knees too!! I hope this helps!!!

Oh my!!

It has been a hot minute since Ive posted! You can tell by my twists that I am getting some good growth. Now that winter time is upon us, my regimen has changed! The word for today is "PROTECTIVE"! That is Protective Styling!! The winter time and my hair does not get along at all! So Im keeping twists in for the majorty of the winter. I have started using my homemade shea butter mixtures! I have soooooo many kinks to work out with this product!! Im not into selling it or anything, but I will share; send my friends some; WHEN I get it right! I will post a recepie for the Whipped Shea Butter, just so you can try it out for yourself! If you're allergic to nut butters (shea, coconut) then I have a great product for you! Epiphany Frostings!!! I have to get permission to give out the website, but its wonderful!!! The owner has been a Natural for sometime, and everytime she gives me hair does some amazing things!! Anyhoo......Be sure to give your coils lots of TLC and PLEASE keep it moisterized!!! Any questions; don't hesitate to e-mail me!!! Nappy Growing to all of my Natural Beauties!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manicures!!!! Your hair will thank you!

Just a quick note.(from experience) We gotta keep those finger nails in good order! Why? Those ragged edges on your fingernails snag and pull your hair!! I noticed that when I dont keep my nails filed smooth, I run my fingers through my hair and there is strands stuck in those jagged little edges. It may not look like much, but the only strands I want coming out are from natural shedding. Just a note ladies; and it's a great reason to pamper yourself with a manicure!! ~Blessings~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nappy Love Features!!

I have come to find that I have loads of Nappy Love in my family, and also a few friends. I have decided to start featuring photos and stories of fellow naturals. I feel inclined to share these, as they may have loads of tips for us fellow Natural Beauties!! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Product Rave!!!!!!

I visited the Haywood Mall in Greenville, SC this past week, and just happened to stroll into Dillards. Imagine my surprise when I came across a Carols Daughter booth. I wanted to try this in the past, and did'nt do it because it was a little on the pricey side. My Son says "Mommy if you want to try this then I will buy it!" That was my cue to try the product that most people rave about, but also I have found some did'nt like it. I made 2 purchases; Healthy Hair Butter and Loc Butter. I tried the Loc Butter first for my 2 strand twists. I absolutely HATED it! It was entirely too greasy to put on my twists! I decided to try the Healthy Hair Butter; LOVED IT! I retwisted with the Hair Butter, and it was amazing how my hair loved this stuff! I had less frizz and more manageability. My twists just laid down, and the shine was outstanding! I rarely use expensive products on my hair, but this one is a keeper.
NOW, the ingredients are as follows: Water, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Essential Oils of Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Bay and Cedarwood, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, and Asorbic Acid.
I was surprised at the Corn Oil in it.(Honestly) I did purchase some Unrefined Shea Butter, and thought I would try to whip up my own Hair Butters. Not to sell, but to save $$$ because Carols Daughter is a little on the expensive side. I will post on how my butters do! Happy Nappy Ladies!!